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Business Platform Team

An exclusive network of the top freelance architects in the world.


Our clients can learn about our unique Modern Enterprise approach and see what to expect from our Professional and Digital Services.


As we grow, our new core team members can learn about the core fundamental skills and standards that guide our practices.


We rely heavily on third-party software, services, and talent partners whether they are freelancers or partner organizations.

Modern Enterprise is the framework
for digital teams to build
Business Platforms

As Platform companies disrupt how business is done, digital teams need to rethink their operations. Businesses and seams have challenges to start, build, and grow their business platforms to better engage their customers, staff, and stakeholders. The Modern Enterprise was created as a way to organize People, Processes, Information, and Systems on the Internet as a single Business Platform.

A few things we’re great at

Over the years we have learned to focus on the things we are good at. We are inspired by great ideas, stand on the shoulders of giants, and make rocketships not reinvent the wheel.


Our management consulting practice focuses on helping businesses transform their businesses into business platforms through Roadmap sessions and Innovation Sprints for Kickstarts, Planning & Discovery, and Design & Architecture.


We provide a managed digital solution team to understand, design, and build Apps, APIs, or assemble Platforms for your business needs. Our Business Analysts and Technical Architects are managed by dedicated Project managers to deliver what you need.


We focus our full-time technical consulting on a few flagship product partners such as Datastax, Sitecore, and Salesforce.


Once we launch a business platform, we can continue to support, maintain, and manage the platform through a subscription model as you continue to grow.

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