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The first time I heard the phrase “manage customer expectations,” it sounded like simple, proactive butt-covering to me. Maybe I heard it that way because of the person making the suggestion, perhaps not the greatest when it came to good delivery of service. But over the years, I’ve come to believe that the right kind…
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Modern Enterprise Business Platforms

In the “startup” world, there are various schools of thought that try to pin point the keys to success in specific areas. Much of what I have seen is vague when it comes down to the brass tacks of business operations. Most business books, in my opinion, are wasteful of the pages they occupy. One…
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How to write good blog post for your audience

This article mention ways to make a good blog post and SEO for your audience. I will list a couple that stood out and could be of great benefit to using for your own blog. Foundation to write a good blog post is inspiration. Add links to be more credible Find the focus keywords or…
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Speech given by Rahul Singh at DC API User Group – September Edition

Rahul Singh, the CEO at Anant gave a speech of  September Edition (http://www.meetup.com/DC-Web-API-User-Group/events/224875372/) at the event DC Web API User Group on September 1, 2015. During the speech, Rahul talked about how to optimize different APIs people are using to make the next generation of their search software for examiners.  He used US Patent and…
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How to Use Content Marketing to Build a Brand with Purpose

Using content marketing can be very effective if used right. In this article it breaks down the ways to make content marketing work in favor of your company. The first step is to find a purpose. Whats the purpose of your brand/company? This can provide direction of your marketing. Having purpose driven content makes marketing…
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How has technology changed the way we conduct business?

Summary: Technology has affected the way we conduct business at numeric aspects. With Internet, smartphone and laptop, people can easily work remotely and still interact with one another effectively, it even allows companies to outsource jobs overseas. Advanced internet technologies make information more accessible and integrated. Small businesses have also become easier to start up, run,…
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What is Cloud Computing

source: pcmag.com Keyword: Cloud computing, business information, consumers Summary Great article regarding ‘cloud computing’. Cloud computing requires people to access data or programs and synchronize data over the internet, instead of processing data or programs from hard drive, which is not considered as ‘Cloud computing’, but the local storage and computing. However, coming along with…
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Content Marketing & Content Strategy

Why did I choose this resource? I chose these resources to learn about content marketing and content strategy. What did you learn from it? I learned the difference between content marketing and content strategy as well as the best illustrations of Content Marketing. Key Knowledge Content is King! Practical Functional Sought after Attractive Paid Search…
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Whiteboard Selling : Empowering Sales Through Visuals

Why did I choose this resource? I chose this resource to learn about the advantages of using a whiteboard for sales presentations. What did you learn from it? I learned that using whiteboards during a sales pitch is a great way to keep your prospects engaged, create a memorable presentation, and increase your chances of…
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Sales Promotions: How to Create, Implement & Integrate Campaigns That Really Work

Why did I choose this resource? I chose this resource to learn about the different types of sales promotions and how they can increase sales in the company. What did you learn from it? I learned the difference between value promotions and price promotions, and what advantages they each give to the company. Key Knowledge…
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