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Modern Enterprise Remote Consulting #1: Consulting

In this Modern Enterprise segment, our topic is consulting.

Best Practices When Fetching Data from a Database

Let’s look at how we can use different techniques for faster, more maintainable code!

Developing A Marketing Campaign

A marketing campaign is a specific, defined series of activities used in marketing a new or changed product or service,…
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Agile Framework and Scrum

A scrum is a framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of…
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A Guide to David Allen’s GTD System

Getting Things Done, or GTD for short is a time management method. GTD is the idea of moving planned tasks…
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Quality Assurance – An Overview

It is always frustrating when platforms do not work as expected. It leaves a bad impression on users and often…
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The first time I heard the phrase “manage customer expectations,” it sounded like simple, proactive butt-covering to me. Maybe I…
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Modern Enterprise Business Platforms

In the “startup” world, there are various schools of thought that try to pin point the keys to success in…
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The 5 Biggest Project Management Trends Shaping 2019

Transcend Impulse Spending In 2019, there will be some notable shifts in Project Management solutions. As cloud computing and IoT…
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5 Critical Skills that a CIO Needs for Success

There are few leaders that are able to move from a technical managerial or directorial position into the role of…
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