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The first time I heard the phrase “manage customer expectations,” it sounded like simple, proactive butt-covering to me. Maybe I heard it that way because of the person making the suggestion, perhaps not the greatest when it came to good delivery of service. But over the years, I’ve come to believe that the right kind…
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Modern Enterprise Business Platforms

In the “startup” world, there are various schools of thought that try to pin point the keys to success in specific areas. Much of what I have seen is vague when it comes down to the brass tacks of business operations. Most business books, in my opinion, are wasteful of the pages they occupy. One…
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Cassandra Skills

A collection of useful skills and materials for Apache Cassandra.

Matrix of Leadership

The Matrix of Leadership : A systematic approach to reflecting and creating a structured plan that embraces personal, professional, and leadership development as different sides of the same individual’s progress at our firm. Personal Development Professional Development Leadership Development

How to use Azure Search

This course will focus on making sure team members understand how to use Azure Search.

How to Use AWS Cloud Search

This course will focus on making sure team members understand how to use AWS Cloud Search.

Bootcamp – Appleseed

This Bootcamp will focus on making sure team members understand how to use Appleseed Portal defined by ANANT’s practice.  

Bootcamp -Outwit Hub

Outwit Hub is a tool that we use to gather large amounts of data that saves the company time and money. This course will introduce you to Outwit and enable you to carry out tasks using this tool.

Office Productivity

Tools to Improve Office Productivity

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Picture of Cloud Computing

Bootcamp – Cloud Computing

You are now enrolled in the course! Cloud Computing is the use of various services, such as software development platforms, servers, storage and software, over the internet, often referred to as the “cloud”.This Bootcamp is for students, partners and clients to learn the fundamentals of Cloud computing and the major cloud service providers in the…
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Bootcamp – Docker

You are now enrolled in the course! Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications. This Bootcamp is for students, partners and clients to learn Docker. It introduces Docker and a step-by-step guide to install and run it on the personal computer.

Customer Service

This section will provide information on best practices and expectations around customer service.

Foundational Principles

Foundational Principles

Successful companies have strong principles that have helped guide them through their growth. The word “principles” is often used in business, only occasionally understood, but very rarely exercised the way it is defined. In our own journey be better leaders and business people for our team at Anant, I’ve come across different personal and corporate principles…
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Bootcamp – Sitecore

This Bootcamp is for students, partners and clients to learn Sitecore.   It was created based off experience from Fortune 500 companies and training development teams for major projects.   This bootcamp is intended for Sitecore Versions 8.2 / 9   Version

Bootcamp – Datastax

This is a high-level Datastax Bootcamp primarily filled with lessons from Datastax Academy, and other public content available on the internet.

Onboarding – Contractors and Partners

Welcome to the Anant network! This course covers the basics to help you hit the ground running as you work with Anant.

Nutshell CRM

Sales – Nutshell CRM

Anant uses the Nutshell CRM to manage the sales process after we have qualified a lead and pretty sure that we want to work with the client.


Onboarding – Growth


Onboarding – Team

Hello and welcome to the Anant Team! We’ re glad you’ve chosen to work with us. This course covers everything you need to know so that you can hit the ground running.